Solo EP Release – Circles

Around a year ago, I attended a fundraiser for Play for Progress in an attempt to remedy a vigorous bout of the winter blues. In the spirit(s) of things, I made a pledge to donate some/all of the proceeds from a 2020 concert to Play for Progress – which was over-promising in a way I don’t think anyone could have really predicted. In any case, reflecting on this pledge a year later, and with a handful of solo compositions and improvisations made over the last year or two collecting dust, I’ve decided to kill two birds with one stone and release some recordings as an EP on Bandcamp, with all proceeds until the New Year going to Play for Progress (save for Bandcamp’s 15% cut). 

You can stream/purchase the album here –

The 4 tracks of this EP were composed and recorded over the course of 2019-2020, starting with “Bridge”. They’re written for layered/looped saxophones, with some electronic elements added for atmosphere and a bit of production. Some of them have worked well in the past performed with a fairly minimal set up of loop + effects pedals and I’m hoping to do much more of that once the pandemic is over.

I guess the genre is probably best described as “post-classical”, though all of the pieces were conceived as/feature improvisations, and I used a jazz saxophone set up throughout. While I won’t be so delusional as to call it “beyond classification”, the works on this album reflect a lot of my interests – minimalism, improvisation, melody, extended techniques, ambience – and so I feel that it is a fairly honest amalgamation of my own tastes, though without really being an obvious reflection of my training as a quote unquote classical musician.

Play for Progress does wonderful work and if you’d rather bypass me to donate to them directly, visit their JustGiving page:

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